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St Paul Missionary Baptist Church Conway, SC

Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, located along Hwy 905 in Conway, is the mother church of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, where some members desired to form a church closer to the communities in which they lived. 


St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church's first orally recorded establishment was in the year 1852 (which was before slavery ended) somewhere along Highway 701 North in the Allentown community of Conway, SC approximately across from where the Horry County School district bus office is located. It was called a "bush shelter" and was believed to have been built by Rev. Mitchell McNeil and Rev. H.H. Hunter.


The first Deacon was Handy Faulk and his family were among the first members and helped break pine branches for the new shelter. His daughter, Emma, is the earliest grave found in the St Paul Cemetery, with Feb 18, 1893 listed as the date of death. 


The second establishment, also called a "bush shelter", was located in the vicinity of Grier Swamp on Maple Road in Conway. By this time, the church was growing in number and it was decided a better, bigger church shelter was needed.  


It is recorded on January 23, 1882 (Horry County Records Book NNN, page 487) that J.H. Roberts gave one acre of land to the church. At this time the church was moved to its third location on Stackhouse Drive into a log building adjacent to the current cemetery. 

The church's current site, along state Hwy 65 in Conway, is the fourth location of the church, which was dedicated to God in 1955. Deacon Chairman Famous Gore did the interior wood paneling that surrounds the pulpit and choir stands. 


Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church, located on Hwy 701 N in Conway, is a daughter church of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. It was organized in 1919. 

Many of the original families that established St. Paul Missionary Baptist during slavery times are still active within the church today. 

May God continue to bless St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church and the surrounding communities! 

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Previous Pastors of

St Paul Missionary Baptist Church 

1912-1919      Reverend H.H. Hunter

1919-1928      Reverend H. B. Wilson

1928-1930      Reverend S. R. Eagles

1930-1933      Reverend C.S. Chestnut

1933-1936      Reverend F. P. Graham

1936-1946      Reverend G.W. Watson

1946-1951      Reverend C. V. Bellamy

1951-1959      Reverend Roundtree

1959-1969      Reverend John Beese, Jr.

1969-1972      Reverend E.J. Durant

1973                Reverend John Beese Jr.

1974 -1978     Reverend Smart Smalls, Jr.

1978-2004      Reverend Lonnie B. Chestnut, Sr.

2005-2012      Reverend Jonah B. Booth, Jr.

2012-2015      Reverend Wade B. Sessions (Interim)

2015-Present   Reverend Ronald K. Henry, Sr.

The Henry Family

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