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Are you a little nervous?
We understand, we want to make sure your worship experience at St Paul MBC is praise worthy!

Our address is 3449 Hwy 65, Conway, SC 29526.

We are located off Hwy 701 North in Conway. 

What Time should I come?

On Sundays:

Worship Service begins at 10:00 am.

Prayer & Praise begins at 9:45 am. 

Sunday School starts at 9:00 am. 

On Wednesdays:

Bible Study begins at  6:30 pm.

What do I Wear? 

On Sundays:

Dress is casual, jeans and tees or Sunday dresses and suits. You will see both here, all are welcomed. 

On Wednesdays:

Dress is casual, mostly jeans and tees.

How is the Music? 

We have live musicians providing music for our services; including a keyboard, 2 guitars and drums.

The music is primarily contemporary with hymns sung occasionally. 

Where do I Park? 

Feel free to park in our front, side or back parking lots. If you do not desire to enter via the front steps, the back entrance is flat. 

Several handicapped spaces are available in the back of the church.


The back door entrance is flat with a ramp and provides easier access to enter for those with mobility issues. 

What is the Service like? 

Our services are contemporary and quite lively, with many loud "amens" and "tell your neighbors". We are a friendly congregation that often smiles and warmly greets each other.

The Sunday Service is usually lasts 90 -120 minutes. Our Pastor is the primary preacher.

Wednesday Bible Study is primarily taught by our Pastor and usually is finished by 8:00pm. Handouts can be found online under "Bible Study" under the tab "Ministries". 


Communion is every First Sunday at the end of service. Baptisms are held as scheduled. 

The Holy Spirit is welcomed into ALL our services. 

What are you doing about COVID? 

St Paul MBC is following many precautions to slow the spread of viruses and infections, including the requiring everyone entering to do the following:

         1. Everyone wear a mask 

         2. Pass a temperature check               3. Wipe hands with sanitizer 

         4. Sit 6-8 feet apart (families can sit together).


The sanctuary is sprayed with a chemical to kill bacteria and viruses at the end of service.


Those desiring to remain in their car can enjoy the service outside in their car as a large speaker is placed outside. 

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